“Found Comfort with the Help of a Dog”: Family found a fearless lonely kitten and adopted it

This tiny fluffy kitten behaves like a formidable massive animal

The Gert family stumbled upon a small homeless cat on the streets and took her in. They named her Nimbus and quickly realized she had health issues since birth – her eyes were crusted over with sickness, rendering her blind.

Perhaps her period of blindness had an effect on her current character, as this tiny fluffy feline behaves like a formidable massive animal.

The Gert family already had two enormous dogs and several adult cats, but they still took Nimbus under their care.

During her initial introduction to the other pets, Nimbus unexpectedly took on a fierce posture, ruffled her fur, and began to growl.

The other pets were afraid to approach her, except for the largest dog named Zeth who realized Nimbus needed protection and took her under his wing. The two quickly became friends.

Thanks to Zeth’s protection, Nimbus is no longer afraid of her surroundings. However, she still takes on scary poses and makes evil sounds when she feels threatened. Fortunately, Zeth is always by her side and won’t let anyone harm his little buddy. The once small and helpless Nimbus has transformed into a fearless feline, all thanks to the love and protection of her new family.

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