“Smiley and extremely cute kitten”: The photos of this adorable kitten helped shelter cats find homes

Just smile at the right time and you are people’s favorite!

What does it take for a photo to get over a million likes and a third of a million retweets? Just smile at the right time! And, of course, be an adorable kitten participating in a charitable photoshoot.

Blossom, along with her sisters Bubbles and Buttercup, was rescued from the streets and taken in by the Albuquerque animal shelter. According to their caretaker, Lauren Butz, the first days of their lives were difficult. But now, at five months old, Blossom and her family are safe and healthy, but they need to be socialized for adoption.

During a trial photoshoot to prepare the kittens for adoption, Blossom stole the show with her charming smile. The viral photo has caused an influx of adoption requests for Blossom, and the shelter is struggling to keep up with the demand.

However, the attention on Blossom has also brought attention to her sisters and other cats in need of a forever home.

Take a look at the photo yourself and try not to be charmed by Blossom’s adorable smile!

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