“Capturing the Unbelievable”: Photographer managed to capture a lion with a rare genetic condition

The photographer faced a tough challenge taking these majestic photos

British photographer Simon Needham faced a challenging task when he set out to photograph a rare, unbelievably beautiful white lion. This majestic creature, with its magical appearance and unique genetic mutation, was a subject that Simon was eager to capture through his lens.

However, photographing the lion, named Moy, proved to be even more challenging than expected. Moy was a self-absorbed and temperamental animal, who knew his own value and was not easy to approach.

Living in the Glenn Harriff Nature Reserve in South Africa, Moy had no threats to his safety and was not bothered by the presence of photographers. However, Simon needed to get as close as possible to the lion to capture the most stunning shots, but leaving the safety of his vehicle was strictly prohibited in the reserve.

Luckily, Simon had the right equipment and was able to change lenses to get the best shots. And Moy, being the vain cat that he was, would occasionally strike a perfect pose for the camera.

Overall, Simon’s work to capture the rare beauty of Moy the white lion was a tremendous achievement, worthy of worldwide recognition. His stunning photographs showcased the true magnificence of this rare creature, and proved that even the most challenging subjects can be captured with skill and perseverance.

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