“Such a sweet and unexpected duo”: Kitten and German Shepherd Become Inseparable Best Friends

She was still waiting for her perfect family

A couple in Los Angeles adopted a litter of kittens with the intention of finding them good homes. However, when they tried to find a home for one of the kittens named Lilya, their own pet dog hugged her and refused to let go.

Lilya was just three months old when she arrived at the couple’s foster home with her siblings. The couple raised them to be happy and playful kittens, and eventually, all of Lilya’s siblings found good homes. But Lilya was still waiting for her perfect family.

When Lilya was five months old, the couple brought home a new family member, a German Shepherd puppy that was roughly the same size as Lilya. The two animals immediately formed a strong bond, and were inseparable from the start.

Lilya took on the role of big sister and personal hygienist to the puppy, constantly washing him from head to toe. The couple was amazed at the connection between the two animals, and they quickly became best friends.

“At first, the puppy probably thought he was a cat, but he was lucky enough to spend enough time among other German Shepherds, so now there’s no confusion,” the couple said. “We brought Lilya home, and she found a puppy. It definitely had to be, and we can’t imagine our life without them.”

The couple’s experience shows the power of the bond between animals, and how sometimes the best homes for animals are right in front of us.


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