“The perfect police team”: This Policeman Saved a Kitten and Made Her His Assistant

Their story started very dramatically

Cody Garrett is a 28-year-old policeman from South Carolina. He managed to save the life of a tiny kitten named Skirt. If you have never heard of this man before, we are going to introduce him to you. His story has already gone viral on the Internet.

Now the red-haired kitten not only lives with the policeman, but she is also helping him in his service. Their story started very dramatically.

Garrett came across a snall kitten on his way home from the night shift. He realized he just couldn’t leave the homeless kitten there, and decided to take her home.

Garrett, just like many people, didn’t know what to do with the kitten. However, this was not the only time Garrett had rescued an animal. Once he found an abandoned kittne in the trunk of a car. Since then the kitten has been living with him.

Apparently, saving animal lives is like a hobby for Garrett. He has already rescued dozens of animals on duty.

Skirt, the kitten herself, found an amazing job for herself. She is the assistant of the policeman, helping him solve cases.

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