“Little dog’s act of generosity”: Stray dog gave his food to an emaciated stray cat

Animals are more generous and loving than people

This red-haired dog named Wisey spent most of his life on the streets. Every day he had to look for food in landfills. Sometimes people tossed sausages to him. But more often the dog suffered from cruel treatment of people.

The dog was small in sizes, but had a huge heart. One day a woman named Christina noticed the dog. She was engaged in animal rescue and loves all animals. That’s why Christina simply couldn’t ignore Wisey. She decided to feed and take care of the puppy. SHe took out a sandwich from her bag and gave it to the dog. But the dog refused to eat it.

Wisey just took the sausage and followed Christina to her house. Christina accepted the dog and adopted him. When they approached the house, Christina noticed a stray cat walking towards them. She was exhausted and starving. The dog went to the cat and put the sausage in front of her. Wisey’s new friend accepted the treat and started eating.

The scene touched Christina, and she even smiled with tenderness.

She took both Wisey and his feline friend home. Now they both have a house and receive proper treatment.

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