“Such an amazing duo!”: This lovely Labrador adopted an abandoned kitten and started taking care of her

The dog tolerates all the pranks of the little kitten

A farmer from Delaware heard strange voices coming from her property. Morgan McKenzie, the farmer, followed the voice and noticed a small kitten in the distance. But Morgan decided not to take the kitten, thinking that the mother would come back.

Before going to bed, Morgan once again went to check the same place and saw that the kitten was still there. It became obvious that the kitten needed help, so she took it home.

The new owner named her Polly. First she washed the kitten because she was suffering from fleas. During the shower, her dog Paxton entered the room. Morgan noticed that the dog immediately liked the new member of their small family.

After the bath, Paxton started gently licking the kitten. Polly was happy to receive warmth and love from her new owners. Paxton started taking care of the kitten.

The kitten immediately ran to Paxton every time she heard the footsteps of the dog. Although the eyes of the kitten were still closed, she could feel the dog and his love. Several weeks later Polly finally could see the dog, and their friendship got even stronger.

Now Polly is already 5 months old and Paxton is 13 years old. The dog has unbelievable patience and tolerates all the pranks of the little kitten.

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