“This story delights everyone”: Rescued kitten found an amazing way to express her gratitude

No one wanted to adopt this cat because of her health problems

This story delights everyone. How grateful pets can be towards the people who adopt and take care of them!!

A 10-year-old cat named Lula had been living in a shelter for more than a year. Because of her health problems with kidneys no one wanted to adopt her. But very soon Lula attracted a kind woman with her daughter and they decided to take the kittnen.

Finally the cat found a loving permanent home that surround her with love and care. As a sign of gratitude the pet started bringing her owners their slippers every time they get home. First, the cat brings one slipper, then goes back and brings the second one. Then she starts meowing gently as if letting them know their slippers are there.

The family was really surprised with her such acts, because no one had taught her that. The owner always thanks the cat for her kindness.

Lula was really lucky to find a loving family at such an old age. The owner not only takes care of her at home, but also watches over her health state. Once a month the woman takes Lula to a vet clinic for a check up. Lula was extremely happy, and couldn’t find a better way to thank her owners.

Cats are really great pets and always delight their owners.

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