“Her dedication is unmatched!”: Woman refused to go to a public shelter without her dogs

She loves her canine friends more than anything

Dogs are much more loyal and trustworthy than people, and this is a fact. They not only love us, but are also ready to risk their own lives just to see us safe and sound.

In this story, the love of these dogs is two sided. A homeless woman from Tijuana, Mexico, also loves her abandoned friends. She was offered a public shelter, but she refused it because dogs were not allowed.

The story became popular when a photographer noticed the woman wrapped in a rubbish bag with 6 dogs.

The woman was asked several times to go to the shelter, but she always refused. But when the police had to interfere with the case, the woman promised she would not stay there anymore.

She spent the nights in the shelter and in the mornings returned to the streets to meet her friends. Realizing that the woman would not part with the dogs, they decided to take her to another shelter where she would be allowed to keep the dogs.

Now she is thinking about having her own house where she could take better care of the dogs.

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