“How they hugged her!”: Woman took are of two lion cubs, then they met each other again after 7 years (video)

Animals always remember love, kindness, and compassion

Animals definitely know how to be grateful and how to properly express it. They never forget kindness and always remember those who help and take care of them. No matter how much time passes, animals always remember their rescuers.

We often hear stories about dogs or cats showing their love to their owners or rescuers. But there are many other animals with the same traits, such as chimpanzees, gorillas, bears, lions…or 2 lions.

The British newspaper Daily Mirror shared a story about a woman who rescued 2 orphaned lion cubs 7 years ago.

She fed, raised and loved them. But the cubs eventually grew up and the woman realized she couldn’t take crare of them anymore. She decided to take the cubs to the Swiss Zoo.

Then the two cubs were taken from the zoo to a specialised Lion Park in Slovakia. There thay have a big area to wander freely with other lions. And in this park the touching reunion took place.

The woman met the already grown-up lions for the first time after their separation 7 years ago. She was really excited and wasn’t sure whether the lions would remember her or not. She watched them with excitement. A few seconds later the lions recognized their foster mother and rushed to greet her.

How they hugged her! That is Love! That is gratitude!

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