“Wolf returned the favor”: Elderly woman srescued a wolf cub, then she thanked her 2 years later

The woman immediately recognized the wolf

This old lady lived in a small village, where there were only a dozen houses. People didn’t visit these areas, and the residents needed to use wood for heating. The inhabitants of this village had to bring wood from the forest. And the heroine of our today’s story also went to the forest every day to bring wood.

Once the old lady went to the forest as usual where she noticed an already fallen dry tree and started cutting the branches. Suddenly she heard a child’s cry. She looked around and noticed a wolf cub not so far away. The old woman felt sorry for the wolf cub and helped her free herself from the trap. Then she went on with her work.

However, the woman couldn’t leave the cub in that condition and decided to take her home.

At home, the woman treated the wounded leg of the cub and then fed her. The cub lived with the woman for around 2 months until she fully recovered.

The woman had already got attached to the animal, but also realized that she needed to return to the wild. So, she took the cub to the same place where she had found her.

2 years had passed since their separation and one winter the woman went to the forest and suddenly lost her consciousness.

Later, when the woman opened her eyes, she saw several puppies and a dog clinging to her. The woman got scared and started screaming. Those were in fact wolf cubs. At that moment the cubs moved away from the woman and went back to the forest. The woman then noticed an adult wolf. She immediately recognized that the adult wolf was the same cub she had rescued 2 years before. Sha had already grown up and had her own family and cubs.

This way the wolf expressed her gratitude to the woman who saved her and returned the favor.

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