“What an amazing idea!”: Girl turned a 1966 bus into a comfortable house

The interior of the house is completely eco-friendly

Some people inherit their houses from their families, while others carefully choose and buy one. However, there are also people who prefer to build their house with their own hands.

This story is about an amazing lady who bought an old dilapidated bus, equipped it with all the necessities for a nomadic life and gave it a captivating appearance. This lady is Jessie Lipskin, and she turned an old bus into a comfortable and beautiful mobile house.

This incredible story started when Jessie watched the documentary Garbage Warrior, where the main character, impressed by environmental beliefs, builds a house out of garbage. She got the idea of building an eco-friendly mobile house after watching eco-architect Michael Reynolds’ videos. The man builds boats from garbage and recycled supplies.

The interior of the house is completely made of natural materials.

Jessie was also impressed by minimalistic designs, so she decorated the house in this style. Jessie Lipskin needed the help of her friends.

As Jessie wanted the whole house to be eco-friendly and minimalistic, she had to take everything out of the bus and then start the reconstruction. The house had everything necessary for 4 people to live inside.

Jessie was able to design and build her dream house with a big living room, a functioning kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

There were things that Jessie surely couldn’t do herself, so she asked her friends for help.

The furniture is made of pure wood.

The living room of the small house is furnished with unique works and photos.

Jessie also decided to keep the original windows of the bus. Specialists installed LED system for night lightning, which creates a calm and warm atmosphere.

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