“Music saves lives”: This popular pianist decided to play classical music for injured and blind elephants

Classical music is essential to make friends with animals

Animals are delicate creatures. They really feel how we treat them. And sometimes, having experienced tough times, they need some rest from all physical and mental problems.

Although they are huge and scary, they have soft and loving hearts. They mostly bond with people wo admire them.

A man named Pol Barton is a worthy friend to wild animals. He studied on the Royal Academy of Arts in London and after graduating became a pianist. He quickly became popular but didn’t reach world fame.

When Barton realized that fame didn’t make him happy he stopped performing. In 1996 he visited Thailand with his wife. There he met elephants for the first time and fell in love with them.

Before that, Barton worked with blind children and changed their lives. Now he needed to take care of blind and injured elephants.

He has been playing classical music for elephants in need since 2011. His music saved the lives of many elephants. The man performs the works of famous artists, such as Beethoven, Bach, Schubert and so on.

It’s fantastic that animals get pleasure from the music. Barton is sure that classical music is essential to make friends with animals of all species.

It’s also wonderful that some people do not chase wealth and fame. They are different and it’s what makes them great!

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