“They saved each other”: Dog was heartbroken after losing her cubs, then she adopted 6 puppies

The best way to be happy is to help others!

Meet Blossom – a cute dog that was abandoned by her owners when she was 3-year-old. When the rescuers found her, it turned out that Blossom was pregnant. In fact, Blossom had health problems. Only after giving birth to her cubs can she undergo a therapy.

Soon Blossom gave birth to her cubs, but only one of them survived. The poor dog fell into depression and even refused to eat or drink.

Teh volunteer that was responsible for the dog was afraid for her life. Luckily, everything got better when one of the shelter employees brought 6 orphaned puppies to Blossom. They wanted to make the heartbroken mother happy.

The puppies had just been born and lost their mom. Blossom immediately accepted the cubs and started feeding them. Thanks to this kind dog, the 6 puppies managed to survive.

Blossom is an amazing example for all of us. She teaches that the easiest way to feel happy is to help those in need!

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