“Mutual support of animals”: Girl was shocked to see the snake curled up around the hen

The family is not against the snake

Sarah Ellison from Texas was resting in her family farm when she suddenly decided to check the hen coop. What she was in the coop surprised her greatly. A huge snake curled up around the chicken and seemed to feel home. But the most interesting part was that the chicken was fully calm.

It turned out that it was not the first time of the snake to appear next to the chicken. However, snakes are not famous for their close rleationship with other animals.

Sarah’s parents are well aware of the wild rat snake, which acts really calm in the hen coop. She lives in a crashed car next to the hen coop and often steals eggs from the hen.

In response to the hen’s generosity, the snake protects the chicken from possible predetors. The family is already used to the mutual support of the animals. Sarah’s father even calls the snake “buddy”.

The snake never tries to hurt the chickens or the family. “We are not against the snake because it helps to scare away the rodents in the hen coop”, say the family members.

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