“She was trying to keep him warm”: People found something incredible under the freezing dog

This horrible story proves that animals are better than some people!

Early in the morning the residents of this Siberian village found a dog buried in snow. It was -20°C outside and the dog wouldn’t have survived in such conditions. The poor creature couldn’t move, and people decided to check if it was breathing or not. It turned out the animal was still alive.

Fortunately, she was all right. However, when the dog rose up, everyone was shocked! There was a 2-3-year-old child under the dog!

Later it turned out that the mother of the child just wanted to punish him. And as a punishment she decided to leave her son outside at night in the extreme frost. No one would have survived in that weather without a coat or a jacket. The boy was in a terrible state!

Nobody heard the boy’s crying at night. Only the dog living nearby managed to find the boy and tried to help. The dog became his guardian angel!

She simply approached the boy and tried to keep him warm him with her fur. It sounds impossible, but the duo spent 2 days like this. Despite all the efforts of the dog, the boy ended up with hypothermia and fever.

Luckily, the doctors estimated his condition as safe. The boy was immediately taken to hospital when found. The main thing is that the boy managed to survive thanks to the caring dog!

The mother of the child was found only 4 days after the boy was found. It is unknown where she was all that time, probably drinking somewhere.

Obviously, the woman ws suied. She is going to be deprived of parental rights and be imprisoned for 4 years. Some people are worse than animals!

Local people named the dog Hero! They believe that the dog and the boy have developed a strong and friednly bond.

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