“All the cubs are healthy!”: 80-year-old tortoise became a mother for the first time

This story proves that age is just a number!

There are turtles that can live up to 80 years. When they are over 80, turtles are already unable to have new offspring. However, this tortoise named Nigrita is an exception. For her, age is just a number. She had her first ever cubs at the age of 80!

The birth of this endangered species is happy news not only for the mother tortoise, but also for all the wildlife lovers. Nigrita is a real heroine daring to have babies at such an old age.

Nigrita currently lives in the Zoo of Zürich, Switzerland. This species of tortoises can live up to 150 years. They are known as long-life turtles.

There are only 10 Galapagos tortoises left in nature. Nigrita is one of them and she was a part of a breeding program. Thanks to the program, she was able to have completely healthy babies. Although Nigrita is considered an old tortoise, she is a caring mother and treats her cubs with love and affection.

The father of these small tortoises is a 54-year-old male named Jumbo.

We are happy that endangered species have a chance to increase in number thanks to caring people!

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