“For the first time in a century”: Night Parrot was spotted for the first time in Western Australia (video)

Experts thought this species had gone extinct

Recently, the number of extinct species has been increasing. However, thanks to wildlife protectors we also come across good news about the return of species that were once thought extinct.

For the first time in 100 years, this endangered species of parrots was captured on a camera in a reserve in West Queensland.

A group of four friends had no idea they would come across this creature while in a research. They managed to find wild birds.

While in a 9-day camping to watch and photograph birds, they heard a hen’s sound close to the lake. It sounded somehow strange so they went to check.

In the morning they found a night parrot with yellow-green plumage and black-green feathers.

As they always carry cameras with them the group took photos of the bird. They were delighted with the bird and really excited because they met a bird that hadn’t been seen anywhere since the last century.

This bird is considered an engdangered species, so it’s hardly possible to find them. Their natural habitat is in Australia. For a long time specialists had thought the nigh bird had already gone extinct. But we are happy to know they still exist.

More about the bird in the video below:


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