“He became a real father for them”: Rabbit found abandoned puppies and started taking care of them

The rabbit surrounded the puppies with love and care

A touching and quite unusual story happened in the Azovo Omsk region. The main character of the story became an adult rabbit. He looks like an ordinary rabbit with his everything, but there is still something special about him.

This rabbit adopted three lonely puppies and became a really caring father for them. Here is how everything started.

This eared friend turned out to be a strong-willed animal. He escaped from his hutch so that nobody would notice him. He started living independantly and even dug a hole for himself near the house of Margarita Startseva.

Very soon the woman noticed that the rabbit was not alone. Apparently, he was taking care of orphaned puppies.

The rabbit brought food for them and surrounded them with love and care. He also didn’t let other animals inside the hole and protected them.

If not for the rabbit, the poor puppies would not survive alone in such a cold weather. The rabbit accepted the puppies as his own cubs. He warmed them, washed them and protected from cats.

Margarita started spreading posters in the whole village telling people about the animals, in order to find caring homes for the puppies and the rabbit.

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