“Incredible Shot!”: Huge humpback whale suddenly jumped out of the water (photos)

The photos themselves shock everyone. The scene is majestic!

If you are a person of nature, be sure that at some point it will shock you! When you decide to go out in the nature and be close to animals, be ready to witness a miracle at any moment!

Wildlife photographer Douglas Croft was lucky enough to witness an enormous humpback whale in close. He was on the ship watching the whales swim in the depths of the ocean, when he witnessed what happens once in a lifetime.

In these parts of California, there are many humpback whales. However, you cannot see them every day.

This large humpback whale jumped out of the water all of a sudden. It was a huge surprise for the photographer. At first he froze and couldn’t process what to do. But very soon he overcame the shock and managed to capture the amazing animal on camera lenses.

The whale is several times bigger than the boat. Fortunately, Croft was in a comfortable position to capture the majestic scene. The photos immediately went viral as soon as they appeared on the Internet. People were in shock even from the photos.

Adult humpback whales weigh around 25-30 tons, and are 39-52 feet tall.

Would you dare to meet these huge animals so close?

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