“Touching reunion”: Man lost his dog and found him only 3 years later!

Dogs always remember their owners, and it’s so adorable!

Over time our pets become an inseparable member of our family and their loss is much more painful than anything else. Georgy Berezhiani from Georgia faced this terrible accident 3 years ago: his dog named George went missing.

The man started looking for his lost dog both alone and with the help of ads and posters, but to no avail. And after 3 years of searches, Georgy was told that someone had noticed a dog that looked just like George.

Georgy went to check if it was really his pet.

The man noticed a dog lying under a tree and approached it. Hearing the man’s voice, the dog immediately recognized his owner and started circling around. He rushed to greet Georgy.

The noise caught the attention of passers-by and one of them started recording the reunion. George had a tag on his ear, which meant that he was vaccinated and wasn’t harmful.

Dogs always remember their owners, and it’s so adorable!

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