“Responsible dad with his playful cubs”: Father crocodile carries all 100 of his cubs on his back

Parents in the nature are the best!

Indian photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee spent several weeks in the National Chambal Sanctuary in India. There he managed to take an unbelievable photo of an enormous crocodile floating along the sacred river and “transporting” 100 little cubs on his back.

The population of the Ganges is on the verge of extinction as the condition of their natural habitat is deteriorating.

In general, around 650 adult crocodiles have remained in Nepal and India, and around 500 of them are in the Chambal. These distinctive reptiles reach 4 meters in length and as much as 900kg in weight.

Some crocodiles carry their offspring in their mouths. However, the muzzle of Gangetic gharial is narrow and long, and it has sharp teeth. This is why, representatives of this subspecies choose another way to carry their offspring. They carry them on their backs!

The crocodile in is a male who has around 100 cubs from 8 different females. All of his small cubs have settled on the back of their father. Usually, the male crocodile is responsible for transporting the cubs.

This photo by the famous photographer got the first place at the contest organized by the Museum of Nature History in London.

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