“Beautiful heroic story”: Two elderly men rescued a moose trapped in a swamp

The poor animal could barely breathe covered in mud

Recently researchers Maurice Valliere (70) and Pat Greba (82) have become heroes for rescuing a moose trapped in a swamp. Although the story seems slight and small, the rescue operation was quite troublesome.

The accident happened in the forests of Timmins, Ontario. Valliere was at home when his friend told him that a helpless moose was trapped in a swamp.

The man had tried to help the moose out himself, but all his efforts were useless. Valliere contacted the authorities for help, but nobody answered his call.

As the poor animal could not survive for long, Maurice and Pat combined their efforts to save the animal.

The friends rushed to the place where the animal was trapped. The poor creature was literally buried in the mud. His mouth and eyes were completely covered with mud. He could barely breathe. When the moose noticed the two men, he tried to move and call for help.

Valliere’s white Labrador dog helped them with the rescue. He “explained” the moose that they were there to help. This calmed the animal and he let the men save him.

It was a tough task but the men coped with all the difficulties. The calm behavior of the moose made the process a little easier.

When the story was spread on the Internet, the men stated that they had done nothing special. Anyone would probably do the same thing in their place.

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