“What adorable friends”: The spouses rescued a kitten, and he made friends with the family dog

This funny cat thought he was a dog too

It’s said that cats and dogs cannot live peacefully together. But this duo disprove such assumptions.

This cat made friends with the dog of his new owners. He even decided that he was also a dog.

When Taryn and Jenna Choquette say they have two dogs at home, this is not completely true. In fact, one of the two “dogs” is a cat that behaves like a dog.

The spouses found this kitten on a tree in Austin, Texas, and decided to take the cute animal home. Nobody expected the kitten to act so weird.

The kitten was named Tukka. He was friendly and cheerful. Tukka immediately went into the arms of the owners, and was affectionate. But there was a problem: how would their dog Brady accept the new member of the family.

As soon as the do noticed the cat, she instantly got interested in her “brother”. But the kitten was a little worried and nervous around the dog. The spouses decided it would be better to put the pets in different rooms.

Soon Tukka got used to Brady, and the bond between the pets got better and better.

After this they became simply inseparable!

It’s amazing that the pets managed to become friends, proving that cats and dogs can be close and loyal friends.

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