“The cat has strange habits”: The owner of this cat found a perfect way to make her cat return home

The cat refused to get down the roof

Charlie was a little kitten when she got to Ulysses Tiffrey’s house. She was a very active and playful kitten, and even as an adult cat she always brought troubles to her owner.

Ulysses says Charlie never misses her chance to steal something from the desk. Charlie doesn’t do this because she is silly, but she understands that she will not get grounded for this.

This is why the owner tries to never keep any food on the desk.

Charlie has one more interesting habit. Whenever she sees the window open, she climbs straight to the roof. Whenever her owner opens the window for some fresh air, Charlie jumpes out of the house.

Ulysses doesn’t like Charlie’s this habit, because it’s really hard to persuade the cat down the roof. She growls and resists, then she even starts scratching everything. But her owner has already found a fun and safe way to get the cat down.

In order to do this in a peaceful way, Ulysses plays the cat’s favorite game with her – hide and seek.

The owner “tells” the cat that she is hiding and waiting for the cat to find her. Charlie, in her turn, understands that the game has begun and gets inside to find her owner. After all, who can resist this game?

Now Ulysses can easily make her cat return home from the roof without scratches and long hourse of persuading.

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