“Wonderful love story”: Stork travels 14,000km every year to meet his wounded wife

What a beautiful moment of love and care between birds!

There are people who are ready to fly thousands of miles to see their family. And during the flight it is possible to enjoy the view from the windows, eat, sleep and even watch a movie.

However, what refers to birds, they cannot fly over the plains. Over 14,000 birds fly every year to make a family and build a nest.

Here is a love story of birds. In 1993, a local college professor found a wounded female stork. She was shot by some hunters. From that day on, the bird started living on the same place. The professor introduced the female stork to a male, so that she would survive the cold winters in Croatia.

When spring came, a man built a big nest on the roof of the house for Malena. There she met her husband.

Malena and Klepetan have 62 children,and they plan to have more. Every year, Malena is waiting for her lover, who flies 14,500 km (from Cape City, South Africa to Croatia).

What a beautiful moment of love and care between birds!

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