“Looks like he is their ‘mother’ “: Cat became a wonderful father for two rescued kittens

The cat accepted the kittens as his own

A woman named Midori has already saved 4 cats from death.

Recently, the Foreign Ministry noticed details about two-week-old kittens, that somebody had found on the road and tried to get rid of them. After preparing to meet her son from college, she went to the handle, trying to catch them. And she did it!

On her way she came across two little lumps. They were taken to a shelter wrapped in a piece of sheet. It seemed like nobody had fed them for several days.

Midori saved gthe lives of Koi and Haku.

The owner started to feed the crumbs from the bottle after which tried to take the babies to her grown-up cat named Wang.

Surprisingly, the cat didn’t refuse the kittens. Moreover he became like a mother for them. He takes care of the kittens as if he himself was a mother and they were his own kittens.

Kittens adore their dad Wang, followe him everywhere around the house. Dad hugs his beloved kittens and always sleeps next to them them on the sofa!

And the boy Koi has a particular behavior, he usually sleeps, hanging on Wang’s tail.

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