“What an adorable and happy horse”: Police horse started dancing when the jazz band started playing

The horse caught everyone’s attention with his lovely dance

This happened during the service. Hopefully, the police officer enjoyed the performance as much as his horse.

During its service in New Orleans, this police horse and his officer stumbled upon a jazz band playing some music. The music was so lively, and the dancing people were so happy that the horse started to bounce herself.

His dance moves were just amazing, and shortly the road was crammed with people who surrounded the horse.

This is a great case of an animal proving that everyone sometimes needs to loosen up from work and worries. The officer in his turn, was a nice and trustworthy man and didn’t interrupt the fun, and let the horse enjoy the music.

After watching this lovely scene with the dancing police horse, many people got excited and shared their opinions, writing that only in New Orleans you may see a horse dancing to some nice jazz music.

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