“He became a true hero!”: Homeless man saved shelter animals from fire

The man rushed to help the animals without hesitating!

Keith Walker himself is now experiencing tough times and lives on the street. Subsequently, he understands how important it is to help those that have been in hassle.

On December 18, a fire broke out in a neighborhood shelter. At that time none of the employees was at the shelter. Keith Walker, who by chance appeared nearby, without hesitation rushed to the help of the animals.

He managed to save many shelter animals, among which there were 6 dogs and 10 cats. Keith Walker has a favourite pet named Bravo, so he couldn’t ignore the shelter fire.

The man saved 6 dogs and 10 cats. The employees thanked Keith Walker and everyone else who didn’t ignore the tragedy.

The ehad of the shelter told that the building was not completely destroyed, but he is still hopeless about restoring it. Soon they found another building to keep the animals, and now they are safe in a new shelter.

The shelter staff is little by little equipping the new home for the pets.

Volunteers also do not stand apart and help the shelter with everything they can. The main thing is that the shelter animals are now in safety thanks to the efforts of the homeless man.

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