“The case changed his life for the better!”: Lonely stray dog wanted to steal a toy from a store and made several attempts

The poor dog just wanted to play with his favorite toy!

Criminals are found not only among people, still, animals can even try to break the law. So, in the USA, a stray dog was caught a number of times on the scene of the crime.

He continuously went to the same store and several times tried to steal a fluffy purple unicorn toy.

The animal care service in North Carolina caught the “thief”. The shop workers complained about the dog, who had already tried to get into the shop 5 times.

The poor dog just wanted to take the unicorn with him.

When the workers managed to catch the dog, they took the dog to an animal care center. An employee who got there to take care of the dog, liked the thief so much that she bought the same toy for him.

The lady couldn’t resist the sweet dog and his story.

Later, the dog, together with the unicorn, was taken to the shelter, however he didn’t stay there for a long time. In the shelter, the dog was named Sis. Quickly Sis and his unicorn found a family.

The dog’s life turned upside down, but for the better. He not only got his favorite toy but also found a loving family.

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