“Dog needed urgent surgery”: What the dog found and ate in the golf pitch surprised his owner

Luckily, the owner took him to a veterinarian just in time

Neil Taylor, the owner of Alfie, allowed the dog to run across the golf area close to his house. It was almost empty due to the pandemic, so it became a perfect place for the active dog.

It turned out that Alfie not only frolics but also “eats” golf balls left on the pitch, which was unexpected for his owner.

The effect of the golf balls didn’t show up instantly. Alfie first went silent, then even fainted, and after that, he was fully torn with 4 balls.

The owner was horrified when he noticed that there were gold balls in Alfie’s stomach! Worried about the health condition of his pet, Neil took him to the veterinarian.

Golf balls turned out to be sugar bones for Alfie, and during his walks, he managed to eat as many as 26 balls! In fact, the dog needed urgent surgery! Surgeons managed to extract all of the balls.

Golf balls weigh only 46 grams, however given their amount, Alfie had eaten more than a kilogram of it.

Now Alfie feels great, though for a while he must walk in a muzzle to quit eating objects from the ground.

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