“His innocent eyes say it all!”: Adorable dog brings various gifts to the woman who feeds him

This is how this sweet dog expresses his gratitude!

Imagine the sweetest dog with innocent eyes is coming towards you. She steps rigorously and smiles sweetly.

One day it may be a leaf, tomorrow it may be a backbone or sheet of paper, then it may be a clothespin or anything that a dog can find on the roads of a big city.

Meet Tua Plu! This dog visits the same building every day. Many dogs visit this building and they all have one thing in their mind – “We are hungry!”.

Tua approaches the girl and puts a gift on her knees. At this moment, the dog shyly drops his eyes, as if embarrassed by his act.

The girl happily hides the “gift” from her fluffy friend and feeds the other dog behind him.

After that, this girl, named Oravan, shared the story on Facebook,where she told what an amazing and sweet dog Tua Plu is, and how he “bribes” her with different gifts every day. It was this pet gratitude that inspired Oravan to first feed Tua and his mother!

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