“She couldn’t help all the kittens”: A woman found a lonely kitten on her trip and decided to adopt it

When the cat ran to her, it was the start of a strong and beautiful friendship

Lydia Ellery from the UK had been dreaming of a trip for a year. She already imagined a walk across the island of Zakynthos in Greece.

Everything was going smoothly, and the journey promised a cool trip and an amazing tan. At first, it was like that. Lydia walked along the seashore, went to the café, and explored new locations.

The woman was upset on the sight of stray pets, that tried to find a crust of bread in the trash cans. The tourist couldn’t help all the cats, but Lydia started to feed one kitten.

The woman’s act didn’t go unnoticed, and an unfamiliar lady quickly approached her. She informed Lydia that she was also taking care of that small kitten, but her trip there was coming to an end.

The girl was worried how the fate of the kitten would be. She asked Lydia to feed the newborn and indicated the place where the kitten lived.

After all, the woman couldn’t take the kitten to the hotel, but she started to feed the kitten twice a day.

The kitten turned out to be a girl, so Lydia gave her the name Aggie after Agatha Christie.

Soon Lydia’s vacation in Greece also came to an end. Lydia firmly decided to take the kitten with her to the UK, but it turned out that it was important to gather a bunch of paperwork.

Returning to the UK, Lydia couldn’t stop worrying about Aggie. And even after learning that everything was fine with the cat, she couldn’t settle down.

The kitten reached the UK by sea on the ship.

Now all of the difficulties are behind! Aggie has been living with Lidia for nearly a year, she is the happiest cat!

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