“Unexpected reunion”: Girl started helping homeless animals after losing her own pet, then found her in a shelter

The story of this cat seemed incredible!

When Spanky disappeared, Hannah was only 12 years old, but he forever stayed in her heart, and the girl decided to devote all her free time to animal support. When she became old enough, Hannah volunteered at the local shelter.

This was her second shift in the center animal adoption, and Hannah hoped that she could play with charming kittens. What she did not expect was to meet her long-lost cat. She found Spanky.

The girl immediately drew attention to the unique black and white cat, who was sitting in a cage. She simply could not believe her eyes, but it was definitely him.

The cat was recently taken to a shelter; he had not yet got used to the new place, and the workers had not yet begun to look for a new house for the cat.

The story of Hannah also touched the shelter employees – it seemed incredible. It took them a small investigation of how Spinky ended up in the shelter, and all the facts confirmed that he was really the very cat that disappeared 3 years ago.

Hannah and her family welcomed Spanky as a lost family member. Now the pet is already surrounded with love and behaves as if he has never been lost.

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