“From ’90s Heartthrob to Unrecognizable Today”: Heather Locklear’s Transformation

📺💕 Follow Heather Locklear’s journey from ’90s fame to her unrecognizable, yet happy self today, alongside her high school sweetheart fiancé! 💑✨

Heather Locklear, known from Melrose Place, was seen with her fiancé Chris Heisser, but she looked different. They were spotted shopping for antiques in Agoura Hills, California. Locklear lives nearby in a big house.

Locklear and Heisser, who were high school sweethearts, seemed happy together as they browsed through shops. Locklear wasn’t wearing makeup or her engagement ring, but they looked content.

Locklear had struggles with drugs in the past, but now she’s doing better and enjoying time with Heisser. They were both dressed in black tops while shopping.

According to a witness, they looked comfortable together and Chris was actively involved in shopping. Locklear led the way, and they were looking for a gift item.

Locklear was seen carrying a small bag and laughing with Chris afterward. Although she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, she has been seen without it before.

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