Why Mark Wahlberg Chose a ‘Fresh Start’ After Selling $55 Million Home and Leaving LA

🏡✨ Explore the intriguing reasons behind Mark Wahlberg’s need for a ‘fresh start’ post-selling his $55 million LA home

Mark Wahlberg talked about how his family is doing after moving from Los Angeles to Nevada.

Mark, who is a famous actor, moved with his wife Rhea Durham and their four kids – Ella, Michael, Brendan, and Grace. They sold their fancy $55 million mansion in Beverly Hills in April 2022 and moved to a nice place called ‘The Summit Club’ in Summerlin, Nevada. Later, they found a permanent home.

In an interview on CBS’ The Talk, Mark said he wanted to create a new Hollywood in Las Vegas so he could work from home. But the main reason for moving was to give his kids a better life where they could chase their dreams, like his daughter with horse riding, his son with basketball, and another son with golf.

How are they doing almost two years later? Mark told People magazine that their new place is good for his kids to grow and follow their interests. They’ve all settled in well, with the kids going to school and everyone being happy.

In November last year, Mark said on Today that although he misses California and its weather, he likes Nevada. The community there is friendly, faith-based, and has good schools.

Mark is a Christian, so he likes that Nevada has a strong faith-based community. He’s been seen promoting a Catholic meditation app and talked about his Christian faith on Fox and Friends.

Moving from LA to Las Vegas was a good choice for Mark and his family. Las Vegas isn’t just about the famous Strip – there are also great family-friendly areas nearby.

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