“Sydney Sweeney’s Strategic Path in Hollywood”: From Madame Web to Movie Making Success

Discover Sydney Sweeney’s surprising Hollywood journey and how Madame Web paved the way for ‘Anyone But You’! 🎬 Don’t miss out on this fascinating insight into film-making success!

Sydney Sweeney, a 26-year-old actress, talked about how she’s making sure her movie projects happen. She spoke at 92NY in New York City with Josh Horowitz from the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

They talked about her role in HBO’s Euphoria and her recent movies, Anyone But You and Madame Web.

She explained that Madame Web was her first big movie with a studio. Even though it didn’t do well, she thanked Sony for giving her the opportunity. While filming Madame Web, she also worked on getting other projects off the ground, like Immaculate and Anyone But You.

Sweeney talked about how she got Anyone But You made. She used her connection with Sony from Madame Web to pitch the movie. She called them up and said, “Hey, let’s work on this movie together since we’re already working on Madame Web.” That’s how Anyone But You got made.

She got her first producer credits for Anyone But You and Immaculate. The movie, where she and Glen Powell play enemies who become lovers at a wedding in Australia, did well at the box office.

She’s also thinking about working with Powell on another project in the future.

Sweeney has been open about using her role in Madame Web to open up other opportunities. She’s working with Sony on a remake of Barbarella. She said she wouldn’t have these opportunities without Madame Web.

Even though Madame Web wasn’t a success, Sweeney still jokes about it. She joked about it when she hosted Saturday Night Live, saying, “You definitely did not see me in Madame Web.”

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