Queen Camilla Updates on King Charles’ Health During Northern Ireland Visit: ‘He’s Disappointed He Couldn’t Come’

Experience the warmth and candor of Queen Camilla’s solo adventure in Northern Ireland, where she offers touching insights into King Charles’ health journey 👑 Dive into her delightful anecdotes and uplifting moments!

Queen Camilla talked about how King Charles is doing while getting treatment for cancer during her trip to Northern Ireland alone.

On Thursday, the Queen, who is 76 years old, went out in Belfast to visit some small food shops. She mentioned her husband’s health briefly while at the Arcadia Delicatessen.

“He’s doing very well. He was sad he couldn’t come,” Queen Camilla said after a shop assistant gave her a get-well card for the King and shared good wishes. She joked about keeping him in line when someone talked about men not being great patients.

The Queen mentioned King Charles again at Coffey’s Butcher, where she got some treats for him.

“I’ll bring these back to my husband. He’ll enjoy them,” Queen Camilla said about the gifts.

She also visited Knotts Bakery, where she joked about eating some of the goodies on the way home instead of saving them for the King.

The Queen then went back to Hillsborough Castle, the royal residence in Northern Ireland, where her charity hosted an event for World Poetry Day.

Queen Camilla’s trip to Northern Ireland followed her visit to the Isle of Man. The Buckingham Palace announced on February 5th that King Charles had cancer and had to cancel public events for treatment.

The palace didn’t say what kind of cancer it is, but it’s not prostate cancer. The King is still working behind the scenes and seems to be handling the treatment well.

He looked happy on Tuesday when he met Korean War veterans at Buckingham Palace.

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