“Annemarie Wiley Exits Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Single Season”: Expresses Disappointment

Annemarie Wiley won’t be back on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for another season. She didn’t choose to leave, it was decided for her.

She’s a 41-year-old nurse anesthesiologist and has four kids with her husband, Marcellus Wiley, a former NFL player. Annemarie shared the news of her departure on Instagram. She felt really let down by it.

Annemarie joined the show during its 13th season. She didn’t audition for it, they approached her while they were already filming. She got involved in the show very quickly.

Even though fans liked her at first, they turned on her when she got into a big argument with another cast member, Sutton Stracke, about something trivial. Annemarie says she was told by producers to do it.

She wanted to show more of her real life on the show, like her family and personal struggles, but she feels like the show didn’t let her do that.

Annemarie wanted to show that strong Black families exist, even in Beverly Hills. She also wanted to talk about her mom’s death and her own adoption journey.

Despite her disappointment, Annemarie is staying positive and looking forward to new opportunities.

Some fans are upset about Annemarie leaving and wanted to see more of her story, especially how she dealt with controversy surrounding her husband.

The new season of the show will start filming soon, but there’s no news yet on who will be in the cast.

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