John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s 23-Year-Old Daughter Stuns in Bold Outfit During Recent Appearance

Dazzling in her latest public appearance, John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s daughter captivates with her daring fashion choice! 😍 Check out the stunning ensemble that’s got everyone talking! ✨

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s daughter, Ella Bleu, recently got a lot of attention on Instagram. She posted a photo showing off her great fashion sense. Her dad, John Travolta, also shared how proud he was of her.

Ella looked really classy in an all-black outfit. She wore a stylish pantsuit with a low-cut top that showed off her shape nicely. It was a mix of modern and classy styles.

She kept her hair simple, with a neat part and tied-back look. She wore subtle earrings to add a bit of elegance. Fans and people who love fashion gave her lots of compliments. Many said she looks a lot like her famous parents.

Among all the nice comments, her dad’s stood out. He wrote, “I’m so proud of you, my baby. You look gorgeous.”

Ella isn’t just known for her fashion sense; she’s also an actress. She’s following in her parents’ footsteps and has a love for acting. Her family has always supported and guided her in pursuing her passion.

John Travolta, who is now 70, is raising both Ella and his son, Ben, after the sad loss of his wife to breast cancer in 2020.

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