Kelly Ripa, 53, Wows in Sheer Black Gown, Sparks Fan Reactions

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos looked really good at the Oscars recently. Some people liked how they looked, but others didn’t. People talked about it a lot on social media.

Kelly Ripa wore a nice black dress by Jason Wu at the Oscars. She shared a picture of it on Instagram and a lot of people liked it. Her dress had beads on it and her stylist, Audrey Slater, did a great job with her hair. Mark Consuelos looked classy in his tuxedo. Kelly called them “mom and dad” in the caption, which was cute.

People had different opinions about Kelly’s dress. Some people loved it and left comments like “Wow, what a dress!” and “Kelly, you look amazing!” Others didn’t like it so much and said things like “I love you Kelly, but I’m not a fan of this dress.” But most people agreed that Kelly looked good in the dress.

Kelly Ripa is known for staying fit and healthy. She works out a lot and does things like dance classes and running. She’s been working with the same trainer for over 10 years.

Kelly also cares about what she eats. She follows a diet that she says keeps her feeling good and full of energy. She likes coffee and wine but tries to eat healthy most of the time.

At home, Kelly likes to cook for her family. She’s not the best cook, but she tries hard and her family appreciates it.

Kelly and Mark’s daughter, Lola, has her own sense of style. She likes to dress in her own way, which sometimes surprises her parents. They think she’s really good at picking out clothes.

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