What famous Hollywood actors’ fathers look like

Today we’re not talking about famous fathers whose names are widely known, but about the parents of actors whose fame is limited to certain circles. It has become common for celebrities to invite their parents to the red carpets of various events, but more often than not, it’s… the moms.

It seems that fathers don’t quite enjoy dressing up and participating in such celebrations. Nevertheless, sometimes the tabloids manage to capture stars with their fathers, and sometimes the stars themselves are proud of their dads.

Matt Damon with his father Kent Telfer Damon

Jason Statham with his parents

Brad Pitt with his parents

George Clooney with his father Nick Clooney

Leonardo DiCaprio and his father George DiCaprio

Hugh Jackman and his father Christopher Jackman

Dwayne Johnson and his father Rocky Johnson

Tom Hardy with his father Chips Hardy

Johnny Depp and his father John Christopher Depp

Ryan Gosling with his father

Jake Gyllenhaal and his father-director Stephen Gyllenhaal

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