The internet users determined the most attractive and charming actresses of Hollywood

Where to find thousands of beauties gathered in one place? Of course, in Hollywood! Each generation has its own favorites and icons of cinema, we still remember them: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, and many others. But what can be said about modern Hollywood? Who is considered the first beauty among beauties? Internet users have also asked this question and conducted a vote, in which the most attractive and charming actresses were determined according to the audience’s opinion. Who are they, see below.

15th place. Jennifer Aniston

One of the few actresses who was recognized as a sex symbol even in her youth and who does not lose this status even at 55!

14th place. Salma Hayek

She knows how to present herself!

13th place. Emma Watson

This Brit is undoubtedly hot!

12th place. Blake Lively

It’s impossible not to admire such a successful mother of four!

11th place. Keira Knightley

What pirate wouldn’t hunt for such a treasure?

10th place. Jennifer Lawrence

No, not a mockingjay, but a real sweetheart!

9th place. Megan Fox

She really looks stunning! It’s a pity you won’t find her in good cinema.

8th place. Kate Beckinsale

No vampire hunter will forget such a huntress, encountering her on the path, not a single Van Helsing.

7th place. Natalie Portman

Not to be confused with Keira Knightley! They are both beautiful in their own way!

6th place. Charlize Theron

It’s impossible to look at her and not remember “Atomic Blonde”.

5th place. Mila Kunis

Just look at that radiant smile!

4th place. Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman conquered the earthlings.

3rd place. Jessica Alba

Such a lady cannot be invisible, even if she has that superpower.

2nd place. Scarlett Johansson

And why isn’t this fatal beauty in first place?

1st place. Margot Robbie

Well, who else could be first on the list of audience hearts?

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