“Kaia Gerber’s Personal Mission”: Helping Hospitalized Kids Inspired by Cindy Crawford’s Loss

On March 2nd, Kaia Gerber, who is 22 years old, helped Children’s Hospital Los Angeles start their ninth Make March Matter campaign. This campaign raises money with the help of more than 80 partners to make sure that sick and very injured kids can get good care even if their families don’t have a lot of money. Gerber spoke with PEOPLE magazine about why this cause is so important to her.

“My mom, Cindy Crawford, lost her little brother to leukemia when he was 3 years old. So, I grew up seeing her volunteer at children’s hospitals, like the one in Madison, Wisconsin, where he got treated. This cause is really close to her heart, and seeing what families go through when a child is sick has really affected me. When I saw the great work Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was doing in my community, I wanted to help out. That was five years ago, and I’ve been visiting ever since.”

“What’s a normal visit like for you?”

“I try to be there for whatever the kids and families need that day. If they want to talk, I listen. If they want to have fun, I act silly. Sometimes I read with them, or they teach me games like Uno. I’m not very good at it though!” (laughs) “Their days are usually filled with doctors and treatments, so it’s important to bring some fun and happiness.”

“You’ve probably made some good friends.”

“The last time I visited, there was a boy who was really quiet. There was a guitar in the room, so I asked him about it. It was amazing to see him open up and become more talkative. But I always hope that the kids I meet are healthy and back home by the next time I visit.”

“What’s impressed you the most about the caregivers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles?”

“They take really good care of the kids’ health and also look after their families. And they never say no to any child who needs help. People often call them ‘superheroes,’ and I think that says a lot about how great they are at their jobs.”

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