“Ideal” celebrity photos posted on their social media and reality

It’s hard to deceive the public with perfect pictures on social media these days, as photos portraying celebrities looking natural easily circulate online, capturing any “flaws” in their appearance and sparking discussions. While it wouldn’t be surprising if they shared “imperfect” photos on their personal pages, many stars persist in editing their makeup and figures. Of course, everyone wants to appear better than they really are, but when the truth comes out, the situation turns absurd.

Take a look at the “perfect” photos of some celebrities posted on their social media accounts that harshly collided with the reality captured by photographers.

Lindsay Lohan

The actress didn’t have much luck with her makeup artist!

Bryce Dallas Howard

On the right photo, it’s noticeable that she’s not as slim as she wants to appear on social media. Though it’s best to accept oneself and one’s body as they are.

Irina Shayk

Oh, Irina, you can’t fool us!

Adriana Lima

The model at the FIFA Best Awards ceremony.

Naomi Watts

In the photo she posted on her social media, her skin looks younger.

Chrissy Teigen

The American model knows how to present herself from the right angle, but the photographer managed to capture her front face as well.

Reese Witherspoon

No matter how good Reese Witherspoon looks, we know her real age.

Sofia Vergara

Close-up, the actress couldn’t hide her age.

Nicole Kidman

The photo by the window smoothes out any wrinkle!

Salma Hayek

Salma clearly overdid it with the filters.

Cindy Crawford

In the photo online, the supermodel prefers to smooth out signs of aging, but the photographer’s camera doesn’t apply filters.

Vera Wong

Photo editing is evident.

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