Susan Reveals Secret to Strong 18-Year Marriage with Robert Downey Jr.: The ‘2-Week Rule’

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan always make sure their family stays together and doesn’t spend more than 14 days apart. Susan says they like being together as a family and try to travel together whenever possible.

Sometimes, Downey’s work takes him far away for acting projects, which can be unpredictable. They stick to the two-week rule but don’t plan too far ahead because things can change unexpectedly, like someone getting sick or a project getting delayed.

Susan, who works with Downey in their production company, says their family life is happy but acknowledges that Downey’s schedule is more demanding because he’s in front of the camera. She’s grateful that her job as a producer allows her more flexibility with locations.

Downey recently worked on a new HBO series called The Sympathizer, where he plays four different characters. Susan admires his dedication to his roles, even though sometimes it may seem effortless, there’s a lot of hard work and skill behind it.

Overall, they both appreciate their family time and Downey’s passion for his work, even if it means spending some time apart.

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