“Chuck Norris, Still Kicking at 84”: A Look at His Active Birthday Celebrations and Return to Film

Chuck Norris turned 84 recently and he’s still going strong. He shared a video on Instagram where he’s seen exercising and feeling good. In the video, he’s boxing outside and jokingly says he feels like he’s 48, not 84.

Norris is well-known for his tough-guy roles in movies and TV shows since the 1960s. He’s even appeared as himself in some projects. People love to exaggerate his toughness in what are called “Chuck Norris facts.”

Besides his famous role in Walker, Texas Ranger, Norris has been in many movies showcasing his martial arts skills. His last big movie was The Expendables 2 in 2012.

In January, Norris announced he’s returning to movies with a new film called Agent Recon. He shared pictures of himself from 40 years ago and now, holding weapons.

People joked in the comments, saying things like “Chuck Norris is invincible” and “Chuck Norris has superpowers.”

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