Anthony Hopkins’ Portrayal of Sir Nicholas Winton Amazes Family and Survivors in New Biopic

Anthony Hopkins plays Sir Nicholas Winton in a new movie. Sir Nicholas Winton was a real person who helped save many children from danger before World War II. Hopkins, who is 86 years old, acts as Winton in the film called One Life. The movie shows how Winton helped rescue kids from places controlled by Nazis before the war started in 1939. Winton didn’t talk much about his good deeds for many years after the war.

Winton’s son, Nick, thinks Hopkins looks and acts exactly like his father in the movie. Nick says it’s almost like seeing his dad again. Even small things like playing with glasses or walking are just like his father. Eva Paddock, who Winton helped as a child, also sees the real Winton in Hopkins’ performance.

In the movie, Hopkins plays Winton when he’s older, thinking about his past actions. Johnny Flynn plays Winton when he was younger, and Helena Bonham Carter plays Winton’s mother. Other actors portray people who helped Winton with his rescue efforts.

Winton didn’t like getting lots of attention for what he did. He was knighted by the Queen of England in 2003, but he felt uncomfortable with all the praise. He thought what he did wasn’t really heroic because he was never in danger himself. He didn’t care much for medals and honors either, saying he would wear them for a night and then forget about them.

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