“Facts About Lopez That You Didn’t Know!”: These facts about the iconic singer Lopez will surprise you all

Surprising Facts About Jennifer Lopez That You’ve Never Heard Before 😳🤔

Despite her age, this iconic and incredibly talented woman looks amazingly and uniquely beautiful. Here are some interesting facts about her that you might not have known before.

1.She abstains from alcohol and cigarettes.

The celebrity has no bad habits and firmly believes that alcohol and cigarettes cause significant harm to the skin and, of course, health.

2.She’s more desirable to male colleagues.

It goes without saying that she never ceases to be the center of attention, especially from men. It’s believed that both Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson had crushes on her during the filming of “Money Train.” However, both were rejected.

3. She has cool nicknames.

She proudly shows off her perfect body and doesn’t even try to hide what God has gifted her. That’s why her nickname is “Guitar,” which is due to her guitar-like figure.

4. She’s also a wonderful dancer.

Few know that she was formerly a member of the Fly Girls on the TV show “In Living Color.”

5. She doesn’t speak Spanish fluently.

Her first language is English, and she doesn’t speak perfect Spanish.

6. Another interesting fact about her is that she’s afraid of the dark.

As surprising as it may be, she doesn’t even sleep in the dark.

7. She contributed to Google Images.

She’s the woman who contributed to creating images on Google that have changed the world.

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