“Only a blind person could choose her!”: The appearance of the “Matrix” actor’s girlfriend makes headlines

Reeves’ fans call his fiancée an “ugly duckling” and advise the actor to find someone else! 😬😳 The popular actor rarely appears with his partner and receives criticism! 🧐👎 What did he find in the gray-haired “granny”? 🥱 Find out in this article why the actor chose her! 👇

Keanu Reeves is undeniably one of the most sought-after and beloved Hollywood actors, whose importance cannot be overstated. However, his choice of girlfriend often raises questions and sparks discussions.

Because Alexandra Grant, the artist he is currently with, has completely gray hair and even looks older than the mother of the world-famous actor. Most fans consider her too plain and advise the star to find a better woman.

On the other hand, they seem to be a harmonious couple who have primarily found their happiness together. They pay no attention to criticism and negativity and continue to show their infinite love and devotion to each other.

The “Matrix” actor plans to spend the rest of his life with Grant, without listening to the negative comments and judgments of others. They are obviously one of the most enduring and unusual couples in today’s show business.

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